Weasel In The Fog (and the mechanism of their seasonal color change)

Farmington is in a sort of wrapped bowl of the Wasatch Mountains which traps clouds – the bane of bird photographers. Much the same thing happens to morning fog, especially during winter. Collectively I call the phenomenon the “Farmington Curse” and that curse, in the form of fog, was much in evidence two mornings ago when I spent some time with a Long-tailed Weasel. […]

From Feathers To Fur, Weasel-style

The vast majority of my posts are about birds as they are the primary goal of my photography. But I also love other wildlife, including mammals, and when I run across something interesting during my bird forays I try to photograph them. Such was the case two days ago. These weasels are occasional cannibals which I’ve documented in two previous posts: “Long-tailed Weasel – Efficient Hunter and Cannibal” and “A Cannibalistic Long-tailed Weasel”. […]