Red-tailed Hawks – Creatures Of Habit

red-tailed hawk 9669 ron dudley

Last summer (these first two photos were taken July 22, 2012) I photographed this mated pair of Red-tailed Hawks in western Montana. On most mornings and some evenings I could almost count on finding them perched in the same old snag and even on the same branch of the dead tree. Earlier this month on my first Montana camping trip I found the same mated pair on the same perch (male at bottom, female up top). […]

Gray Partridges In Northwest Montana

The Gray Partridge has a fairly limited range in North America and most folks don’t get to see them so I thought some of my readers might be interested in a post on the species. This bird prefers the grasslands and grainfields of our northern wheat-belt so they’re fairly common on our family farm in northwest Montana. Gray Partridges are often called Hungarian Partridges, or “Huns” for short. […]