Red-naped Sapsucker (not a Williamson’s this time…)

red-naped sapsucker 2544 ron dudley

On each our Montana trips we try to explore some new country. We found this Red-naped Sapsucker and its mate at their nest-hole on July 1 near a small lake at the end of a long dirt road. [...]

Fledgling Yellow-headed Blackbird, Begging For And Then Receiving Food

yellow-headed blackbird 2902 ron dudley

I’ve been stuck in the house for what seems like an eternity because of the gloomy weather and lack of light. It rained all day yesterday (which is unusual for us here in the semi-desert) and I keep thinking of all the early summer bird activity I’m missing so this morning I reached back into the archives for some shots that would remind me of what I’m not seeing and photographing. I’m a glutton for punishment… [...]