Short-eared Owl Pushing Off With His Talon-tips

short-eared owl 9949b ron dudley

On our Montana trips I’m always looking for Short-eared Owls but sadly, unlike just a few years ago when they were relatively abundant, they’re virtually nonexistent in the Centennial Valley these days. I’m pretty much convinced their absence is largely due to all the cattle (mostly yearlings who are the juvenile delinquents of the bovine world and they really tore up the place) that were allowed to graze Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge a couple of years ago. [...]

Savannah Sparrow – Fearless Dragon Slayer

savannah sparrow 3197 large crop ron dudley

This little Savannah Sparrow was one of my most memorable birds on our recent Montana camping trip. It was a fearless and a relentless hunter. [...]