Close Encounter With A Long-tailed Weasel

I had a brief but interesting encounter with a Long-tailed Weasel yesterday morning at Farmington Bay. The little mustelid ran across the road in front of my pickup and buried itself in the brush and rocks but on the long shot that it would reappear I stopped anyway. And reappear it did, right under my nose. […]

A Badger And Weasel Confrontation On Antelope Island

Yesterday morning we were witness to a tense drama involving a badger and Long-tailed Weasels on Antelope Island. American badgers feed primarily on rodents (ground squirrels, pocket gophers, rats, mice and voles) which they often capture by digging out their burrows – the digging skills of badgers are legendary. But on this day a close relative was on the menu. […]