From Feathers To Fur, Weasel-style

long-tailed weasel 9309 ron dudley

The vast majority of my posts are about birds as they are the primary goal of my photography. But I also love other wildlife, including mammals, and when I run across something interesting during my bird forays I try to photograph them. Such was the case two days ago. These weasels are occasional cannibals which I’ve documented in two previous posts: “Long-tailed Weasel – Efficient Hunter and Cannibal” and “A Cannibalistic Long-tailed Weasel”. [...]

A Cannibalistic Long-tailed Weasel

Long-tailed Weasels are elusive and fascinating critters. Some interesting information about them might include the following:

sexually dimorphic, females 10 to 15% smaller than males the name is appropriate as the length of their tail can equal up to 70% of the head and body length eyes are black in daylight but glow a bright, [...]