Weasel In The Fog (and the mechanism of their seasonal color change)

long-tailed weasel 2702 ron dudley

Farmington is in a sort of wrapped bowl of the Wasatch Mountains which traps clouds – the bane of bird photographers. Much the same thing happens to morning fog, especially during winter. Collectively I call the phenomenon the “Farmington Curse” and that curse, in the form of fog, was much in evidence two mornings ago when I spent some time with a Long-tailed Weasel. […]

Close Encounter With A Long-tailed Weasel

long-tailed weasel 0641 ron dudley

I had a brief but interesting encounter with a Long-tailed Weasel yesterday morning at Farmington Bay. The little mustelid ran across the road in front of my pickup and buried itself in the brush and rocks but on the long shot that it would reappear I stopped anyway. And reappear it did, right under my nose. […]