Female Sapsucker – A Miscalculation At The Nest-hole

williamson's sapsucker 2573 ron dudley

Sapsuckers must be nimble fliers to negotiate access to their nest-hole several hundred times per day during the nesting season – especially if the tree their nest is in leans toward the hole. Usually it’s no problem for them but one time I did photograph the female as she stumbled. [...]

Sapsuckers Cleaning Out The Nest Hole

williamson's sapsucker 0378 ron dudley

The 5″ x 8″ (interior dimensions) tree nest hole of the Williamson’s Sapsucker with as many as 6 growing nestlings inside presents a significant potential hygiene problem. This post is about how the adults dealt with that situation as I was photographing them about three weeks near the Montana/Idaho border. [...]