A Great Blue Heron And A Photographer’s Conundrum

great blue heron 7665 ron dudley

In the field bird photographers often have to make snap decisions. Sometimes we make the best choice and sometimes we don’t. […]

Great Blue Heron Landing Series (13 images)

great blue heron 7468 ron dudley

Yesterday morning I decided to break with one of my long-standing traditions and brave the potential crowds by visiting one of the more popular birding sites in the area on a weekend – Glover Pond near Farmington Bay WMA. One of my goals was to locate and photograph the Little Blue Heron that has been hanging around in the area for the last couple of weeks. That bird is causing a lot of excitement in the birding and photography communities because it’s so far out of its range. I never did find that heron but this one more than made up for it. […]