Magpie In Flight And The Varying (and unpredictable) Effects Of Fog

black-billed magpie 4707b ron dudley

I’ve become quite interested in the effects of fog on some of my avian subjects. Often I don’t like those effects but occasionally I find them visually interesting. […]

Magpie In Flight In Magical, Foggy Light

black-billed Magpie 4709 ron dudley

Under the right conditions I like what fog can do to light when it isn’t too thick. Antelope Island at dawn this morning was a jumble of moving, thick pockets of fog. I drove around in an attempt to find some clear spots with birds present but when I would find some sun it wouldn’t take long for the fog to envelope me again. But in one spot, just for a couple of minutes, the effect of the fog on the light was dreamy and ethereal and I loved it. […]