Strong Graphic Lines – A Matter Of Taste

eastern kingbird 3918 ron dudley

I’ve been a fan of strong graphic lines in my images ever since my friend Richard Ditch introduced me to their potential a few years ago. The source of those lines may be natural or unnatural but since my subjects are mostly birds and many of them perch on fences, my graphic lines are often provided by fence wires. In some ways I’d prefer natural elements in my images but wires can also be compositionally and visually interesting [...]

Western Wood-Peewee

western wood peewee 5264 ron dudley

I often make the observation that one of the reasons I’m a bird photographer rather than a birder is because many of the trappings of traditional birding simply don’t appeal to me – keeping lists, in particular. But I’ll admit that getting a “lifer” rings my bell. And a lifer I got on this last Montana trip – a Western Wood-Peewee. Several of them, in fact. [...]