Dark Morph Swainson’s Hawk Taking Off From A Hilltop

swainson's hawk 3368 ron dudley

On the mornings when we leave Montana’s Centennial Valley the 27 miles of dirt road until we hit pavement are always a little depressing because we’re so reluctant to leave that wonderful place. But occasionally our melancholy is assuaged and our spirits lifted by birds and other wildlife we see on the way out. [...]

Red-tailed Hawk Attacked By A Swainson’s Hawk

red-tailed hawk 3344 ron dudley

The Centennial Valley had one more surprise in store as we left for home last Thursday morning. Photographing birds and other wildlife along the 27 mile long dirt road while I’m pulling the camping trailer is always awkward but the road is typically deserted that time of day and we’ve come up with something special more than once on the way out. [...]