An Update On My Daughter Shannon And A Possible (temporary) Change In My Blogging Regimen

No birds today – this post is personal.

Many readers will remember that my daughter Shannon was severely injured in an accidental fall in her home in Florida last October and suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Her family was told by emergency room doctors that she had “zero chance of survival” but despite the odds she’s still with us and doing very well. Her road to recovery has been a long and trying one, filled with endless and varied types of rehabilitation largely designed to improve her issues with cognition, memory and vision.

In the past 11 months her improvement in those areas has been dramatic and just last week there was more very good news. The injury affected Shannon’s peripheral vision which of course prevents her from driving. No one knew if her vision would eventually improve or not but just recently it has and doctors now believe she’ll soon be able to drive again. This development is a big one – it would be for anyone but for fiercely independent Shannon it’s huge!




Copyright Mia McPherson – Image used by permission

This is the two of us in early 2015 when Shannon came to visit me in Utah (yes, it’s the same image I’ve posted before and I’m still wearing that magpie hat…).


Ok, what does all this have to do with my blogging schedule? Beginning today Shannon and family will be back in Utah for another visit. This will be the first extended visit I’ve had with her since I flew to Florida to be with her in the hospital almost a year ago (which she has absolutely no memory of). During their time here Shannon will be my first priority which will surely leave less time for me for photography and blogging.

You may or may not notice a change on your end. My blog posts while she’s here may be brief or on some days even nonexistent, I’ll just have to play that by ear. So for subscribers – if you don’t get that familiar email from Feathered Photography to go along with your morning coffee don’t be concerned. There are few things I’d allow to come between me and my blogging but Shannon is definitely one of them.

I can hardly wait to see her again!



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  • Gillycat

    Enjoy being with her. I have no doubt that being together will only help in her recovery. Sending parcels of strength and energy for continued healing for her. Take all the time you need. We’ll be here in the background cheering the family on

  • Sheryl Travis

    How wonderful that she has made such progress. I know that is very hard work to come back from something like that, so kudos to her and the great support she must have! I am glad she is getting to visit and hope you have an amazing visit! Looking forward to your regular blog returning!

  • Continued good thoughts and hopes for continued recovery. Grateful that you can take the time to spend with your daughter.

  • Mark Amershek

    Ron take some precious time off and enjoy some family time. We will catch up later. Enjoy!!!

  • Sterling Sanders

    Ron, this is the best blog you’ve ever posted and that says a lot. You’ve made my day, warmed my heart, and put a big smile on this ol mug. Thanks Buddy and enjoy your visit with Shannon.

  • Betsy Livingstone

    Not a regular commenter but I’ve had you and Shannon in mind since the first awful news so I’m one of those “friends out there” that you’re barely aware of, and I’m sure there are many more. Your blog posts (which I look forward to every day) reveal more of your personality – and may I say basic decency, not to get maudlin or anything – than you may realize. Happy to be a member of a great big cheering section holding Shannon, and you, in our hearts. I can only begin to imagine how happy and proud you are of this fighter, your daughter. And so this news is huge! Hurray! Huzzah! See you when you get around to blogging.

  • Howard

    That’s wonderful news. ……one of your happiest blogs ever!

  • Excellent, excellent news! And good time that tyhe family left before Matthew hit Florida! Let Shannon know how many fans she has>

  • We all had a wonderful reunion today! Shannon’s perky, cheeky personality is intact and so are nearly all of her mental functions. Her main problem is retrieving certain words to match the memories, both short and long term. It’s complicated – the memories and the words are both there but matching them up can be an occasional problem.

    She has a wonderful attitude, knows her limitations, works hard (very hard) at correcting them and she continues to improve. And without exception she’s cheerful through it all and knows very well how lucky she is to have even survived. Given the situation I couldn’t ask for more.

    I love that kid…

    • More joyful tears.
      That is truly wonderful news.

    • Laura Culley

      This is your most wondrous post EVER! What joyous news! I know you’re celebrating her recovery, especially since her prognosis from the “experts” was so bleak in the beginning! I’ll keep Shannon (and your entire family) wrapped in my heart, sending her energy, strength and patience to continue her journey to a complete recovery. Enjoy your time together!

  • April Olson

    Great news! Enjoy time with your family, we can always read old favorite posts on your blog.

  • My darling boy … i have thought of you and your beautiful baby girl many times … I’m absolutely so so thrilled to be reading this wonderful news. Miracles happen every day … and I honestly and truly have goosebumps reading about Shannon’s. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!

  • So glad to hear she may soon be able to drive. Have fun – each opportunity to be with our grown kids is too short to miss any of it.

  • Pam Skaar

    Great news!! I was wondering about Shannon recently since you haven’t written much about how she has been doing lately. Big smile on this face for today’s story.

  • Great to hear she’s doing well and there for a visit. Spend all the time you can with her and don’t worry about the blog, it can wait. Take care, and I wish you all the best!

  • Ron,
    Love to Shannon and love to you!
    Miracles continuously surround us, We just have to be open to them and say “yes”!.
    How joyous it is that Shannon has said “yes”, and all her family surrounding her are saying that same “yes”.
    Have a glorious reunion. You and your family are surrounded with love.

  • Gary Dunning

    Right on Dad! Blog on w/ hiking, paddling, biking and everything you may enjoy together with your family. Looking forward to sharing your quality time.

    Many blessings,

  • nikonsteve

    Outstanding!! I’m so happy for your daughter and for you!

  • Jean

    Great news Ron. I was thinking of your Daughter the other day, and hoped she was doing well. Have a wonderful visit. I understand if you don’t post. Don’t feel like you have too.

  • Stephen Clayson

    Your priorities are appropriately aligned!

    Best to you all,


    My happy eyes are leaking this morning.

  • Jorge H. Oliveira

    Take all the time you need.

    Family comes first.

    We will be here, as always.

  • B. Wright

    You know Terry and my ties to Shannon go very deeply. I’m so extremely happy with her recovery. Do have a wonderful time in Florida.

  • Susan aka blue

    Wonderful update…enjoy your visit!

  • Julia Allen

    I’m so happy for you and Shannon and the rest of your family. Great news like this and hope becoming reality is well deserved to you all!

  • Sharon Constant

    Oh this is wonderful news! Shannon getting her license back is a huge milestone and really speaks to her tenacity with regard to her recovery. I hope you all have a grand time and will be thinking of you.

  • Debbie Trainer

    I am so glad to hear that your daughter is doing so much better. It is also wonderful that she is able to come up for a visit. Enjoy your time with her and don’t worry about your blog. We will get through this and look forward to your return.

  • Such good news! Continued Best Wishes to Shannon and your entire family.

  • Len Boeder

    Family above all else. We are with you in spirit. Enjoy this special time.

  • Janis Hurley

    Fantastic progress & news! She’ll soon be soaring herself!

  • Dee Renee Ericks

    Family comes first! Bless her heart! Enjoy your visit! :=)

  • Christina Greutink

    Wow! Such good news. Don’t worry Ron, we’ll still be here. Enjoy!

  • Chris Sanborn

    I’m here every day to see your fabulous birds though I rarely comment (except for the oohs and ahhhs I say to myself). This, however, deserves an out-loud YAY! for Shannon’s remarkable recovery and a wish to you all for a very happy and enjoyable family reunion. What a great post — thanks, Ron.

  • Laura Culley

    What WONDROUS news! That’s just SERIOUSLY, OUTRAGEOUSLY wonderful! OF COURSE Shannon should be your #1 priority! And picture me doing a Snoopy Dog Dance, complete with ear twirlies just for you, Shannon and Mia (and the rest of your family) for her continued recovery! I just LOVE it when folks prove the doctors wrong, and I’m sure they’re delighted, too. It’s an absolute no-brainer that you spend quality time with her!
    We’ll be here when you return. Not to worry 🙂

  • Patty Chadwick

    Your best posting so far!!! Will look forward to not hearing from you….because I’ll know why….:-). I kind of dreaded opening your blog this AM, fearing bad news. How wrong I was–and how wonderful!

    • Patty Chadwick

      PS. I hope you can find a similar hat for Shannon…you’d make quite a fetching father and daughter pair!

      • Patty Chadwick

        Judging from your wearing your watch on your right wrist, I assume you’re a lefty..that makes you right-brained and “sinister”….or is it “sinistre”?

  • Continued healing for your beautiful daughter.

  • Kris Eberhard

    I am SO HAPPY for Shannon, her family, and you–her loving Dad………my hope for all of you ( especially the “fiercely independent” woman ) is that her
    already remarkable progress continues and increases –for the brave and determined HOPE is the lodestar . I’m happy to do without your wonderful blog
    knowing how you’re spending such worthwhile and hopeful time………

  • Humming bird lover

    Hi Ron, Shannon, Rick and Ryan! So Happy for all of you’s on your very special visit! Have fun and lots of love to ya all! Sybill

  • Mimi

    What a great dad Shannon has. Yes, time with family is so important and rightfully supersedes other activities. Enjoy your time with Shannon and family. So glad to hear of her progress. Cheers. Mimi

  • Susan Stone

    I am so delighted to hear the good news about Shannon. I’m glad that she’s coming to visit, and she should definitely be your first priority. She’s way more important than the blog, and I know we’ll all survive just fine minus a few days of blog posts. I hope the two of you have a wonderful visit.

  • Marina

    Ron!!! Shannon is a miracle!!! I only have one daughter too!!!! Will have my church pray for her full recover y this weekend!!!! Take a break from blogging!! Enjoy your daughter!!!

  • Carol Krepps Williamson, (Larry's sister)

    Such wonderful news Ron! Continued prayers for Shannon in her recovery journey. Enjoy your time with her!

  • Deborah Donelson

    So thrilled for you Ron at this good news. Enjoy every minute!!!

  • Bobbi Hamilton

    So very happy for you and your family—–enjoy your time with your daughter—-

  • Thanks so much for all the kind words and warm wishes, everyone. I’m a bit of a loner by nature but it’s times like this when I realize just how many good friends I actually have!

  • CaJ

    That is Fabulous update! YES! Family First!
    Enjoy your time together.
    Thank you.

  • Dick Ashford

    Hi Ron,
    If this were a Facebook post, I would “like” it, as well as all the comments. Wonderful news!

  • Great news, Ron! Don’t worry about us. We can always go back and reread previous posts if we are suffering withdrawal.

  • Tanja Neth

    Glad that Shannon is doing better. Family is important so spend all the time you can with them.

  • Wonderful Ron! Enjoy your daughter’s visit and don’t worry about the rest of us. We’ll all still be here anticipating your return. So very happy to hear this good news about Shannon!

  • Trudy Brooks

    Take time out for your family, your daughter is lovely. She will be safe in Utah for a few weeks and not in Florida. God Bless.

  • Great news! Those of needing a Feathered Photography fix with our coffee can take this opportunity to sample some of our favorites from your earlier posts. Enjoy your time with Shannon.

  • Claudia Elton

    Thanks for the update. It is great to hear the good news. Have a wonderful time visiting with each other.

  • Diane Bricmont

    Wonderful news, Ron! Take all the time you need and enjoy the visit. We can all dip into your archives to get our daily fix of Feathered Photography!

  • Bonnie Davis

    Wonderful news! So very happy to hear she is doing so well. We will miss your beautiful nature photography, but your daughter is definitely more important.

  • Tim Estrada

    What great news Ron….so happy for your family! Tim aka 48Dodger

  • Great news Ron. Enjoy your time while Shannon visits.

  • Linda

    Yay! I’ve been wondering how she was getting along and I’m so pleased for all of you to read your report. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop – I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s pulling for you.

  • Ron, I’m so very glad to hear this! I’ve been reading all sorts of wonderful material lately about progress in recovery and rehabilitation using cutting edge technology. I’m currently reading “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge, which provides fascinating detail in such matters, including recovery from stroke far outside the traditional window of recovery formerly assigned to stroke patients. How wonderful that such options exist, and I do hope Shannon can take advantage of every new technology coming up in her excellent and ‘miraculous’ recovery.

    My warmest wishes to you and yours and have a wonderful visit.

  • Excellent news. My best to you, Shannon and the family. Have some great family time.

  • Dick Harlow

    Absolutely not a problem! Family comes first. Just remember all our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Enjoy!!

  • Cathy

    Fantastic news! Enjoy your time with her!

  • Wow! Sooo happy for you both! Just great news!

  • Roger Burnard

    Not to worry Ron… Spend lots of time with Shannon, and make up for lost time.
    Yes, we will all miss your posts, if they are not there in the morning, but the
    most important thing now to to have a wonderful visit with your daughter. ;-)))

  • James

    Family First!

  • Mike Beck

    Hi Ron
    I have been following you for quite some time and enjoyed your pix and stories with my afternoon tea. (I am in UK)
    We both know family comes first with almost everything so obviously I agree that you must change priorities.
    Don’t worry – your faithful following will be patient. I know this because bird photography requires patient people.
    So best wishes to you and thanks for all your blogs. Nice job.

  • Judy Gusick

    EXCELLENT! So happy that Shannon may be able to drive and that they are able to come to Utah for a visit. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ENJOY as I’m sure you will.

  • Cindy

    Family is so important. How nice to have a happy ending. Enjoy. There will be lots of birds to catch up with later. Don’t forget that Magpie hat again!

  • Richard Seeley

    wonderful news. I am very happy for you and Shannon.

  • Charlotte Norton

    WONDERFUL NEWS RON!! enjoy every minute of their visit!


  • Very good news Ron! Will keep Shannon’s recovery in our prayers. Enjoy the time with your daughter and put photography on hold whild she visits.