Curlew Wing-lift

The plumage colors of the Long-billed Curlew are generally unremarkable until it raises its wings to reveal beautiful cinnamons and pinks.


long-billed curlew 9065 ron dudley

1/3200, f/6.3, ISO 500, Canon 7D Mark II, Canon EF500mm f/4L IS II USM +1.4 tc, not baited, set up or called in

I seldom get wing-lifts from curlews. Usually, to see these colors I have to catch them in flight but as I was photographing this male (females are larger and have a longer bill) 6 days ago on Antelope Island he lifted his wings more than once. This time it was a long drawn-out affair that lasted over 4 seconds and provided me more than 30 beautiful, though somewhat similar images.

One of my spring-time goals with this species is always to catch curlews fighting or mating but so far this season I’ve been unsuccessful (incessant rain and gloomy skies have something to do with that) so as a consolation prize I was happy to get this pose.


Note: Due to “technical difficulties” todays post is an abbreviated one. To make up for that may I suggest that readers revisit yesterday’s post “A Question Of Compatibility Among Owl Species“. Late last night after most folks had already seen the post my good friend Mike Shaw from HawkWatch International described in a detailed comment an experience he had recently with owls that relates to that post and borders on the unbelievable. He even provided photos which with his permission I’ve added to the post.

If you love owls (and good news) I think it’ll be worth your time.


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