Dancing Bluebird

From the moment this flashy male Mountain Bluebird landed on a weathered and sun-bleached Montana fencepost he seemed hyped-up and twitchy.


mountain bluebird 3606 ron dudley

He looked me over carefully to make sure I was trustworthy…



mountain bluebird 3609 ron dudley

and then began a performance I’d never before witnessed.  He’d raise his wings and then…



mountain bluebird 3613 ron dudley

drop them.



mountain bluebird 3614 ron dudley

Several times he came completely off the perch.



mountain bluebird 3616 ron dudley

At times he looked like he was performing a dosey doe.



mountain bluebird 3624 ron dudley

He ended with a flourish by spreading his tail.

I’m unsure of what prompted this display.  There was a bit of a breeze but I don’t believe it was enough to destabilize him on the perch.  His mate was in the vicinity and perhaps he was displaying for her or maybe it was some kind of territorial visual cue for other bluebirds.  I simply don’t know.

But if he was really dancing I didn’t hear the music…


Note:  I’m on the road again and will be for much of the week.  I’ll have no computer access on this trip so I won’t be able to respond to any comments that may be made (though I do get them via phone email and enjoy reading them while I’m in the field).


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