Juvenile Marsh Wren

I normally have difficulty getting close enough to Marsh Wrens for them to be large enough in the frame to show good detail.  They’re very small, incredibly flitty and they inhabit busy backgrounds – all challenges for the photographer.  Last year I had some success with adults but juveniles have always eluded me.


marsh wren 5512 ron dudley

1/1600, f/6.3, ISO 500, 500 f/4, 1.4 tc

But yesterday at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge I found this cooperative juvenile in good light and the background reeds were far enough away from the bird to soften nicely.  And I didn’t even get shadows from the reeds falling on the bird which is unusual for me.

I love these feisty, raucous little birds and they have unbelievable energy.  They scurry from perch to perch and sing almost continually, day and night during breeding season, in their bid for reproductive success. It makes me tired just to contemplate such a frenzied existence.  Think I’ll take a nap…


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