Fighting Chukars

Obviously I’m not posting this shot for its image quality – it’s distinctly lacking in same.  But what an experience we had with these Chukars this morning.

We could see them fighting as we approached because they would occasionally jump up above the thick grasses while clawing and biting at each other in the air.   I was amazed both by how vicious these fights were and by the incredible speed of these plump, roly-poly birds.



 1/2500, f/5.6, ISO 500, 500 f/4, 1.4 tc

We watched several of them fighting for perhaps 5 minutes but very few of my shots turned out because of the fast and furious action in low light and especially because my focus kept locking onto the foreground grasses.

But this image should give you a flavor for what it was like and for what my latest photographic goal is – to find some fighting Chukars in better light and out in the open.  I’m gonna work on it!


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